Introducing: Xelli Island – Bad For You

Xelli Island is the independent dream pop project of vocalist, songwriter and shapeshifter Lianna Vanicelli.

She just released new single Bad for You.

What a great piece of music. The nostalgic vibes are strong. Xelli captivates listeners with moody melodies, outstanding vocals and memorable hooks.

Lyrically, Xelli remains as insightful as ever. She’s a skilled writer. Every line has meaning.

Speaking about the track, the artist says: ”Bad For You is the love song I’ve been wanting to write for years. It captures that sweet spot of falling for someone who you know could eventually break your heart. It’s about putting away your pride and surrendering to the mystery of love and connection. I think it’s really rare to feel completely enamored with someone, but when you do it’s truly incomparable. Bad For You is the second single from my debut EP, which I will be releasing independently this October.”

Xelli makes music that’s authentic. Bad for You deserves to be heard.

Check it out below!