Introducing: Lizet Aviva – Happier but less wise

Lizet Aviva’s music is like water – it carries you on a gentle stream, but also drags you down to the bottom like a whirlpool. At times honest like a clear reflection, at times a blur as the water gets rippled.

Aviva recently released her debut single Happier but less wise.

The song features brilliant acoustic guitar work, sublime vocals, and memorable hooks.

Aviva’s lyrics are impressive. She writes with personality. Every line has meaning.

Speaking about the track, the singer-songwriter says: ‘‘Inspiration can be found everywhere. I found it in my chubby little face in a school picture. I almost forgot what I looked like back then. When I looked at my pictured face, I had so many questions for myself. All the questions that ran through my head, I wrote down and I made a song of it. The biggest question, which also is in the title of the song is: 

If the past would have been more kind, would I be happier but less wise? 

The song is about accepting mistakes and trying to see them as an opportunity to learn.”

Aviva makes really good music. Happier but less wise deserves to be heard. Intriguing piece of work.

Check it out below!