Introducing: Katherine Evans – Make You Mine

LA-based songwriter Katherine Evans has a passion for dark, emotional pop.

She just released new single Make You Mine. Produced by Carter Soso. Mixed/Mastered by Austin Hull.

The song features moody melodies, outstanding vocals, and memorable hooks. Captivating from the first second.

Katherine’s lyrics are impressive. She writes so well.

Speaking about the track, the songwriter says: ”Make You Mine is a bittersweet story about trying to love someone who struggles to love themselves. I think romanticizing someone’s damage and thinking that you can be the one to fix them is so human. This song is slightly hopeful, but also solemn. I wanted to call myself out for my tendency to stay in relationships for too long, envisioning a happy ending that part of me knows is not going to happen.”

Katherine continues to deliver good music. She’s a rising talent. Make You Mine deserves 5 stars. Intriguing piece of work.

Check it out below!