Introducing: stillblue – Kick to the Chest

stillblue is a Miami-based indie rock band comprised of Enrique Rosell (vocals, guitar, triangle), Sofia Soriano (vocals, guitar, didgeridoo), and Daniel Estrada (synth, lap-steel, vocals, rain stick). The band pulls from a multitude of influences spanning from folk to indie rock to Americana.

They just released new single Kick to the Chest.

I like the sound. Everything seems unique. Music that needs attention. stillblue captivates listeners with solid melodies, smooth rhythms, and memorable hooks.

Kick to the Chest is about the fear that comes with being in love, the ever creeping knowledge that you can get hurt if it doesn’t work out, and choosing to put that fear aside because you feel the person is worth it. The song presents love as a game of chance, with incredibly different possible outcomes. Love comes not when you ignore the possibility of pain, but when you are aware of it and make the conscious decision to take the risk.

stillblue creates an atmosphere full of stories. They are so talented.

Check out Kick to the Chest below!