Introducing: Your Hunni – Stereotypes

Poet. Songwriter. Femme Them. Your Hunni is a Toronto based queer artist that writes bedroom pop bangers and indie tracks to move to. They hope that their music inspires self awareness, enjoyment and emotional work.

Your Hunni recently released new single Stereotypes.

This song has a groove like no other. Every piece of the structure is important. Production-wise, it’s really good.

The lyrics are a key feature. Your Hunni words are powerful.

”I was inspired to write Stereotypes one night at the studio while drawing up some gender neutral signs for the washrooms. The lyrics support this idea that no matter who you are or who you love etc.—I love you and I’m here for you. It’s about making the subversive the norm and tossing shame out the window while just enjoying whatever brings you joy. I was asking myself what the most fluid thing I could think of was and the answer was music. That’s how the lyrics about bass and trumpets come into play in the chorus. This song is for anyone who has struggled with how others perceive them and their sexuality. This song is about just being yourself and saying fuck stereotypes with conviction.” 

Feel empowered in life. Stereotypes was made for the repeat button.

Check it out below!