Introducing: Claire Frazier – Will You Miss Me

Claire Frazier’s Will You Miss Me is her third independent single leading up to her EP release. The single written by herself and frequent collaborator Kaylee Ayers was produced by Shae Jacobs (Dua Lipa, Chainsmokers, and Bulow) and Freddy Alexander (Shy Martin & Elina).

So much creativity in here. This is music that’s brilliant. Frazier creates her own sound with each song. Inspired by modern styles.

Will You Miss Me is an “in your face” response to a bad breakup. I want the words “do you miss me when she wants parts of your heart” to empower the listener and make them feel as if they are in control of their situation. Those words should almost taunt the person who the listener is thinking of when they hear the song.”

The lyrics are real, poetic, and relatable. A unique combination.

Check out Will You Miss Me below!