Introducing: Annika Rose – Talk To Strangers

At just 18 years-old, Annika Rose embodies a clarity of vision that’s rare even among the most established artists.

She returns with new single Talk To Strangers. The song features soothing melodies, powerful vocals, harmonies, and a catchy chorus. Great pop music.

Talk To Strangers is about the social anxiety Aniika experiences when making conversation with new people. Annika says “I don’t always say the wrong thing, but the most awkward part is thinking everyone else is saying the right thing. I’m learning to adjust my expectations in those scenarios. There’s not a guideline when it comes to new people and conversations, I’ll probably always feel a little strange. Small talk is awkward. Ask anyone. We’re all just figuring it out as we move through new environments and new faces.”

This song is really vulnerable. Relatable for many of us. Annika gives meaning to the term ”social anxiety”. Listen below!