Introducing: Jessy Yasmeen – Forbidden Fruits

Photo by Sarina Bax

Dutch singer-songwriter Jessy Yasmeen releases new single Forbidden Fruits. True artistry. She combines strong vocals with folky drums and impressible guitar to create a sound that’s completely her own. A nice dreamy Indie Folk song. Driven by storytelling. I think it’s thoughtful.

Jessy comments: “Forbidden Fruits is based on Adam and Eve from the Bible. I think it’s cool to refer to fairy tales, myths and old stories in my songs. You have a desire for more and are jealous of those who seem to (already) have it all. You become disturbed / distracted and do not see what you have, or maybe you have not yet found self-love and you look for it in the confirmation of others. You seek to fill this void and Forbidden Fruits stands for ‘drugs’ (can literally be drugs but love, attention, etc. can also be drugs) with which you try to fill this void, but actually you are destroying more.”

A story full of mystery. Written in poetic form. Listen to Forbidden Fruits below!