Introducing: MoonBee + The Astronauts – Raining Moons

MoonBee + The Astronauts releases new single Raining Moons. It’s different and unique. Enter a world of understanding. MoonBee + The Astronauts’s sound can be described as dreamy, with harp-like synthesizer, ambient slide guitar, spherical chorus voices and an organic layer of bass and drums.

About the song, MoonBee says: “When I sat down to write Raining Moons, it unfolded for me on my retina as a fairy tale that reminded me of ‘Le Petite Prince’ by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The story takes place on a small planet, only just big enough for two. Two creatures sit on the planet looking at the Universe, which slowly passes by in infinite changeability. One leaves the other. The Universe collapses.” Sounds like poetry to me.

About the creation of the music video, MoonBee adds: “Once we had recorded the song it quickly became clear to me that I had to react to the visual starting point I wrote the song from. I therefore started looking for the right artist who would be able to create the video for Raining Moons. By a universal coincidence, I was brought to Clara Philippzig and I fell head over heels for her visual expression and knew right away that we were going to work together. The first draft she sent to me hit me right in the heart of hearts. It has been such an easy process that it has almost been beautiful how she has just seen through me, even though we do not know each other. I’m so grateful for what she has created.”

Your spaceship is arriving. Check out Raining Moons below!