Introducing: GEISTE – I Just Feel Really Empty Inside All The Time

British artist GEISTE unveils new single I Just Feel Really Empty Inside All The Time. It’s experimental, yet accessible. That’s an achievement. Reverb drenched vocals soar over grasping drum beats, creating a mystic and mythical atmosphere.

Of the track, GEISTE said: “I wrote this song inspired by a post on my tumblr from 2014 when I was living in Paris. The song represents a moment alone. When nothing moves you anymore and you’re looking to connect with your emotions. I pictured one of those moments, when I’m alone, feeling neither sad nor happy. Nothing is really happening until I start maybe putting some music on and dancing until I’m out of breath. Each ‘ah’ is a gasp for air until I break free. Until all the emotions invade you again. The lyrics are just raw thoughts or emotions I felt while writing the song.”

GEISTE’s music is always fresh, creative in its narrative. An artist who inspires, giving words meaning. Check out I Just Feel Really Empty Inside All The Time below!