Introducing: Naz & Ella – Internalised

Photo by Poppy Marriott

Since their debut in 2016, alternative-folk duo Naz & Ella have been making a name for themselves on the London queer music scene. They now release new single Internalised. The song starts with a calm guitar riff and crisp vocals. It building towards a powerful chorus. Naz & Ella create an overall moody atmosphere, which results in a unique sound. The duo’s lyrics are thoughtful, intriguing to listen to. Their message is uplifting, relevant, and relatable, that’s what makes the song so special.

Internalised explores the fear of “coming out” to yourself and draws on Naz & Ella’s personal experiences as queer women. The duo look at the manifestation of internalised homophobia within a relationship, highlighting the guilt and shame it can evoke, as well as the inner turmoil with regards to gender expression. “It was important to us that this song conveyed an emotional journey with a light at the end of the tunnel,” says Ella. “Internalised starts with fear and pain, and ends with the overwhelming relief that comes with finally accepting yourself and being proud to be with the person you love.”

Naz & Ella are currently working on an EP, titled (DE)HUMANISE. I already can’t wait to hear it. Internalised is an iconic song. Stream below!