Introducing: Amber Kuo – Never Let Me Go

Amber Kuo (AK) is a Mandopop singer and actress. She unveils Never Let Me Go, the second single taken from her forthcoming album Vol.13-1986 The Journey of Sleepless Sheep. Stellar vocals flow over bright synths, which results in a sound that’s uplifting. The verses and chorus are packed with poetic lyrics. This song manages to be familiar, yet fresh. Amber sets the tone for 2021.

The track’s inspiration is derived from the Quiet Dream Shadows, a collection of essays written by a litterateur from the Qing dynasty, Zhang Chao, and also influenced by the character, Mel, from the film Deconstructing Harry. The story bounces back and forth between English and Mandarin merging the romanticism of these eastern metaphors and the western deconstruction of love.

Amber is creative in everything she does. Check out Never Let Me Go below!