Introducing: Jessy Rose – Set Free

Irish artist Jessy Rose, former frontman of Hare Squead, releases Set Free, a soulful R&B song. With strong vocals, solid guitar work, and cool beats, he crafts something completely authentic. The lyrics are full of realness, so well-written.

In 2018, Jessy stepped away from the spotlight to focus on a solo project. Set Free is a heartfelt confessional in which he unravels his conflicting emotions about making that change. He acknowledges that there was something special about Hare Squead’s rise together, but also the admittance that the pressure that came with that success was more than he could handle. Instead, his full focus is on making it alone, but there’s no boisterous bravado: just the acceptance that it’s what he has to do to again thrive.

Jessy is currently working on a debut EP, titled Are You Home?, which will be released on March 5th. Meanwhile, check out Set Free below!