Introducing: Eleanor Kingston – Pink Things

Up-and-coming hit-maker Eleanor Kingston recently shared her debut EP Great Kind of Madness, Pt. 1, which includes pop anthem Pink Things. Her powerful voice is backed by thumping percussion and lush synth textures. The verses are followed by a catchy chorus. Brilliant production, absolutely well-structured.

Eleanor is an inspiring writer, she’s so skilled. Pink Things was co-written with her younger brother Buppy, a successful artist in his own right. The song has meaningful, and empowering lyrics. “I’m a tomboy and a girly-girl, I have a dark side and am tired of men telling women who to be,” explains Kingston. “I wrote this song to defy the notion that girls should still only look pretty, that even when we are put down we grow stronger, while pushing our own hopes, dreams, and desires into the spotlight.” The track’s music video, released Jan 29th, is just as slick and stylish as its audio inspiration.

Check out Pink Things below!