Introducing: Pale Moon – Dusty Road

In January 2021, Icelandic/Russian duo Pale Moon shared their well-received single Happier. They’re now back with Dusty Road, a folk-country song. Solid vocals rise over creative and captivating instrumentation. The verses building towards a cool chorus. The lyrics are, as expected, distinctive.

Never afraid to explore unmentioned desires, in Dusty Road Pale Moon gently introduces us to the story of a young girl wishing to escape from her uninspiring origins and explore beyond the borders of her dull and restrictive hometown.

“I moved from my parents when I was 17 to live with a boyfriend I found on the internet in a different city. I couldn’t wait to get away from the prison-like life I was living. This desire to get into trouble sparked the story for Dusty Road, an intuitive journey, a search for love and it’s seemingly inevitable failures and continuing sources of inspiration.” To sum it up, the song is about teenage rebellion and longing for travel.” 

Listen to Dusty Road below!