Introducing: Bridget Rian – Trailer Park Cemetery

New York-raised singer-songwriter Bridget Rian releases Trailer Park Cemetery, the second single from her upcoming debut EP, Talking to Ghosts, scheduled for release in July 2021. She creates a moody atmosphere through her downbeat sound. There’s a brilliant guitar melody to accompany the vocals. The hook will really hold your full focus.

When asked about the track, Bridget said: ”While driving through rural Florida, I saw the cemetery that inspired this song. Something about how death was so close to the living was fascinating for me. I thought about this cemetery for months and joked about how I wanted to be buried there. I realized that it is more a commentary about life than death. How I want to be close to the living even in death. How I don’t want to miss out on opportunities even in death. I’m afraid I’ll be lonely and long for my reckless teenage years.”

A particular aspect of Bridget’s writing style is that it’s distinctive. Listen to Trailer Park Cemetery below!