Introducing: Casey Conroy – Background Noise

Credit: Elijah Doss and Kate Hodge

Orlando singer/songwriter Casey Conroy releases, Background Noise. With its funky pop instrumentation, this song will hold your attention. Many unique elements are included. One of Casey’s strengths is her ability to deliver her messages effortlessly.

About the song, she says: ”Background Noise was created in a moment where I was feeling a little bit fed up with all of the “noise” in the industry. Lots of people have an idea of what “an artist” should be, but it looks very different when you’re walking in those shoes so I guess this song is me saying I’m just going to block out the noise and do me. Production wise, I kind of wanted the feel to be a little ironic. It sounds like a fun song but in reality it’s meant to be more out of rebellion. In the end, it’s about learning to ignore that background noise in your life and be confident in who you are.”

Listen to Background Noise below!