Introducing: Filiah – 27

Today, 22 year-old singer/songwriter Filiah shares the title-track of her upcoming conceptual album, 27. The music is largely laid-back, with sparse instruments that allow the vocal to take center stage. Lyrically, it takes us even further into the singer’s mind. Writing demonstrates expression and thoughtfulness.

About the track, Filiah said: ”The song is actually called 27 because of my apartment number (a lot of people used to think I’m 27 but I’m only 22). I wanted to compare truly letting someone in and opening up to the possibility of new love to inviting someone in your home, your most personal space. Initially I wrote it trying to explain my fear about that to someone but ended up getting to know myself and the reasons why I wasn’t ready to do that yet, more. It was recorded as a one-take with just my voice and guitar, since I wanted to capture that certain intimacy I feel with the audience when I’m playing it live. Everything else production-wise then happened very naturally later on, it was as if all the pieces just fit together over this one-take recording. It’s also a follow- up on the story of my last single Goodbye.”

I can’t wait to hear the entire project, since both singles are expertly produced. You should definitely check out 27 below!