Introducing: EREZ – They’re Coming

New York-born, Israeli-raised, queer artist and producer EREZ makes music that’s genuine and different from anything else out there. Having heard nothing so brilliant for a while, I really like her sound. Last week, she shared, They’re Coming. It’s moody, but also melodic. All sections are intriguing to me. The song mixes profoud lyricism with creative musical elements in a phenomenal way.

On the single EREZ shares, “I wrote They’re Coming during March and April of 2020. It was the beginning of the pandemic, the world was freaking out and the global political situation was getting worse by the minute. At this time in Israel, elections were held for the THIRD TIME that year and I felt so much frustration at the manipulation of the people. At the same time, the situation in the US was also getting crazier. He who shall not be named was the president and everyday felt like a scarier story than the day before. I’m saddened about the relevance of this song currently, another round of unnecessary violence and hatred in the Middle East dictated by egomaniacal leaders who don’t see their people. That’s why I repeat the words ‘Again’ & ‘They’re Coming’ so much in the song. It feels like this is a never ending cycle. There, but also here with politics in Washington too often being about power and money and not about what’s good for the people.”

They’re Coming carries a powerful message. EREZ wrote something so impressive. You need to hear this next level production. Make sure to check it out below!