Introducing: Ann King – Do Me This Favor

Photo by Tim Luyten

Ann King, a Dutch singer/songwriter, has already made great music. She now presents her new single, Do Me This Favor. It’s an inspiring tune, and will get you singing in no time. Rich vocals soar above catchy pop instrumentals with plenty of creative elements. I’m impressed by the chorus, which is amazing.

Do Me This Favor talks about living your life the way you want. Ann makes no apologies for herself and the boundaries she sets proclaiming, “These days I have no clue if I ever even knew you / So do me this favor and never speak a word to me again”. Do me this favor will be on her EP, Fiercely, which is set to be released later this year in which she pays tribute to the self-sufficient, self-motivated, and self-made women who live that “I depend on me” lifestyle.

The song’s sound remains original and memorable. Ann demonstrating her ability to create something thoughtful once again. Check out Do Me This Favor below!