Introducing: Boy Untitled – Losing Time

Losing Time comes from Boy Untitled’s forthcoming project, Zenith, and is brilliant as always. Structurally, absolutely unique, opening right away with great instrumentation. After the vocals are added, the verse flows into an energetic chorus. The music features an amazing amount of futuristic elements. The lyrics have been thoughtfully crafted.

Losing Time is a very transparent, honest statement from Boy Untitled about a recent period of extreme struggle within his marriage. In it, he reflects on how the quarantine entrapment impacted so many parts of everyday life for him within this union. For him and others in his life, the strains of living, working, breathing, doing everything together added an unexpected weight to their relationships; a layer that could not be planned or predicted.

With Losing Time, Boy Untitled displays his artistic abilities once again. Productions like this stand out. Take a listen below!