Introducing: Alison May – American Boy

West London singer-songwriter Alison May’s debut single, American Boy, is soulful. The music evokes nostalgia, but also brings in some modern elements. I appreciate the vocals throughout. There are a bunch of instruments present, like the guitar. Alison’s lyrics have an authentic quality about them, and they tell an engaging story.

The song is all about an encounter with… you guessed it, an American Boy! It all started at a New Year’s Eve party in 2018, where Alison was working a shift at her parents’ Irish bar. They shared a new year’s kiss, and after three months of getting to know each other, he left the country without a word. Years later, the encounter still sits at the back of her mind as a magical experience, and who knows… maybe this single will reach the American Boy, someday.

A good creative sound is what Alison provides. Much work went into producing American Boy. Listen to it below, and don’t forget to add it to your playlists!