Introducing: Leire – In Ten Years Time

Spanish artist Leire (/LAy/ reh/) releases debut EP, Me, You, This World. Each song has its own unique style, and explores a specific and current social issue. These factors show how impressive this project is. Leire shares her concerned thoughts on subjects like global pandemic, climate change, anxiety, and inequality.

Today, I’d like to highlight the pop ballad, In Ten Years Time. It starts off with a mellow tone, which becomes increasingly moving during the middle section. Expression can be heard in the strong vocals. Lyrically, In Ten Years Time talks about how someone has neglected and poorly treated their lover. This parallels the relationship between humans and the earth, with the true, hidden message of this song being about ‘climate change’.

Musicians such as Leire provide music that ‘s so genuine. Take In Ten Years Time as an example. You should definitely lis