Introducing: Neoni – MUTINY

A variety of great anthems have been created by Neoni over the past years. In their new single, MUTINY, they’re back again with a sound that’s explosive, empowering, and exciting. Strong vocals fly over a mix of pop and rock influences. The chorus is timeless, and quite catchy. The rest of the segments are also intriguing.

Neoni elaborates on the track: “MUTINY is about rejecting people’s definition of you. It’s about breaking the status quo, making your own rules, finding your own way and refusing to let anyone limit you. It’s about shattering the mold and doing all the things they said you couldn’t with a smile on your face.”

A song like this exemplifies the originality of Neoni’s style. There are many reasons why MUTINY stands out. One example is the quality of the production, which is masterfully crafted. Listen below!