Introducing: moistbreezy – Oasis

Pop/Hyperpop sensation moistbreezy shares the official video for Oasis. Due to the fact that the artist herself produced the song, an entirely original sound is present. Rich vocals are accompanied by percussion and atmospheric pads. You’ll like the music as soon as you start listening. Great segments, like the chorus, keep the music flowing.

“True to its title, Oasis was meant to be just that – a sonic oasis,” moistbreezy  explains. “I wrote everything else around it, knowing it would fall directly in the middle of the track listing. It’s a love song that captures the philosophy I had for the project as a whole: a safe haven in a world of chaos. This is what I believe love is. It’s also what making music and art is for me, an escape from the crazy dystopia we live in to a place of peace and emotional safety.”

The video depicts moistbreezy in a fantastical dreamworld, one which perfectly mirrors the song. “The process of writing and producing this track was incredibly visual for me, I was picturing a world like Pandora from James Cameron’s Avatar, or FernGully.”

A combination of both futuristic and familiar elements can be found on moistbreezy’s Oasis. This song should get a lot of attention from around the globe, especially in combination with the new music video. Check it out below!