Introducing: Rella – Maryland

Maryland, a new single from Nashville artist Rella, features creative sounds. Throughout the song, the instrumentation is flawless; at times it’s quiet, and other times, more dynamic. Over the music, the vocals soar effortlessly, and convey a sense of authenticity. A lot of thought went into the lyrics.

Rella explains: Maryland is a hopeful, though self-aware, pop anthem from the perspective of a recovered addict whose chaotic tendencies have ruined a relationship. While I don’t personally struggle with substance abuse issues, much of my family does, and I see and relate to that chaos in myself. This song to me is an exploration of whether looking back on a relationship fondly actually signifies that relationship’s quality, or whether I just romanticize the past for romance’s sake, especially when it’s chaotic. The details of the story are pretty much fictional, but I do constantly wonder whether I could change the ending of any of my failed past relationships just by showing up and saying my peace, like the big romantic speech at the end of a movie”.

Rella is a super skilled musician, because she can create music that’s both unique and accessible. There are many brilliant characteristics in Maryland. Be sure to check it out below!