Introducing: SYTË – Up in the Air (feat. Qendresa)

Kosovo band SYTË has a sound that falls somewhere between alternative R&B and indie-pop. They release new single, Up in the Air, featuring Qendresa. I like the way it keeps a nice flow throughout. The verses are relatively mellow, and emphasize strong vocals and wavy raps. A catchy chorus makes you want to dance and sing as soon as you hear it.

Up in the Air addresses the struggle and unsettling feeling of having an obscured concept of “home,” a divided identity. The accompanied music video follows the group around the city, performed and cut together in a lighthearted way that transforms an intense goodbye into something more reminiscent of a love-note and a thank you.

With Up in the Air, SYTË showcases musical vision. That’s what makes this so brilliant. Check it out below!