Introducing: Naz & Ella – (DE)HUMANISE (EP)

Grunge-folk duo Naz & Ella recently shared their new EP, (DE)HUMANISE. There are five songs, each with a different theme. Naz & Ella talk about topics like internalised queerphobia, racism, sexual harassment, and animal rights. That makes this project very important.

Instrumentation is brilliant. Guitar elements are prominent, for example. Time to time, the sound varies in style. Sometimes it’s mellow, but it can also be more dynamic. Naz & Ella sing well, and express each line clearly. Drawing on their own experiences and frustrations, Naz & Ella want you to hear what they have to say.

(DE)HUMANISE should be streamed by as many people as possible. The music of Naz & Ella stands out. See below for the EP!