Introducing: Emmrose – Waitlisted

Singer-songwriter Emmrose recently shared her new single, Waitlisted. With real and synth instrumental components, it provides a great sound. Throughout, the vocals stand out, contributing to the quality of the music. A compelling story is told in the lyrics.

Regarding the track, Emmrose says: ”In all honesty, Waitlisted was a really painful song for me to write, work on, and listen to. In March, I would find out whether or not I got into my dream school… The Clive Davis School of Recorded Music at NYU, the program is for songwriters, and I thought I was a shoe-in. Long story short- I got waitlisted. It hurt me on a deep level because of the fact it was all about my music and my talent. I guess I wasn’t good enough to get in. Right? Oh maybe not. So writing an upbeat song was a fun contrast to an overall pretty sad song for me lyrically. I wanted it to be an anthem of a sort for people who’ve been in a similar situation; that you can find some kind of dark celebration in getting rejected.”

Emmrose’s music resonates with listeners. A song like this keeps inspiring, even after repeated hearings. Lots of time and effort went into making Waitlisted. I recommend adding it to your playlist. Stream below!