Introducing: amm – Less Alone

Independent artist amm recently released, soulful indie pop song, Less Alone. The music starts out calmly, and then gets more energetic later on. Throughout, a unique sound can be heard. I really like the lyrics, which are conveyed perfectly through the vocals.

Regarding the track, amm comments: ”Less Alone is a song I wrote about feeling really alone in a relationship and having no control over that feeling. It’s about the suffocation of feeling trapped in something that makes you feel helpless and unloved, and blaming the other person for not meeting your expectations when, in reality, they might not even know how to love themselves first. All the while, you’re sticking around trying to make it work and feeling like you should give up.”

A visual accompanies the song. In a creative way, it tells the story. Less Alone is definitely worth checking out!