Introducing: Romanie – Fake Friends

Romanie is the solo project of Belgian singer-songwriter Romanie Assez. She now lives in Melbourne. Her new single, Fake Friends, showcases flawless vocals and unique instrumentation. I particularly like the guitar playing. As a result of the authenticity of the music, you’ll be amazed. Lyrics are well-thought-out, so listeners are able to connect with it. Romain conveys many genuine messages that inspire.

Speaking about the inspiration for Fake Friends, she says, “I’ve always valued friendship as one of the best things in life, and it’s heartbreaking people sometimes just lose contact for whatever reason. I feel like I have felt like a fake friend at certain moments in life when I’m not being in touch enough or when I want to help a friend but don’t exactly know how or what to say. Sometimes we’re too caught up in our own lives that we don’t see when a friend is in need of a conversation. I definitely want this song to be a reminder to be good to each other always, and I’d like to tell all my friends I love them dearly.”

A video accompanies the song. Mal Cole directed it, and it perfectly captures the story of Fake Friends. Also worth checking out below!