Introducing: UPSAHL – Douchebag

photo credit: Kohl Murdock

American singer-songwriter UPSAHL unleashes a grungey breakup anthem, entitled Douchebag. I like the creative pop instrumental; it displays a lot of unique production skills. For example, have you heard the brilliant guitar riff? Vocals are strong, as they effortlessly soar over the music. There’s a catchy chorus in this song. Lyrics have been brilliantly crafted.

George Gallardo Kattah directed the video for the song. After UPSAHL deals with a cheater by introducing him to the end of her boot, she kicks more ass in her own Street Fighter-style arcade game before shutting down a bevy of “douchebags” at a diner. Replete with throwback alternative vibes, femme fatale charm, and her signature unfiltered lyricism, Douchebag is everything we’ve come to expect from her and so much more.

Check it out below!