Introducing: KESMAR – Johatsu feat. Flore Benguigui

Nathan Hawes, AKA KESMAR, is a Sydney-based producer and songwriter. His new song, Johatsu, features singer Flore Benguigui. It has a bright, summery sound that I like. Vocals are accompanied by analog synths, lush guitars, and an organic beat. KESMAR combines different genres into one unique genre. The music will have you dancing along.

Flore says about the lyrics: “I am fascinated by Japanese culture, and I recently discovered the Johatsu phenomenon. People who choose to discreetly disappear from their lives when things get too hard and decide to start from zero somewhere else, leaving all their siblings and projects. I couldn’t help but make a connection with love, and more precisely with the boy I used to love and who suddenly left me, without any explanation. Besides, I felt Nathan’s song had this Japanese city pop vibe that I instantly loved. The music could fit the topic, but the mood was rather sweet. So, when I composed the melody, I thought I had to bring some melancholy into the lyrics. I enjoyed working on this song so much. It’s the first time I created something from a distance with somebody I don’t even really know, but whose music tastes are so incredibly close to mine!”

Check out Johatsu below, and add it to your playlist for the weekend. You can also listen to KESMAR’s sophomore EP, titled Forever Holiday, here.