Introducing: Holliday Howe x Himera – Digital Affection

Holliday Howe, Sydney’s finest cyber-hyper-popstar, producer & songwriter, teams up with scene legend Himera for Digital Affection. Its sound is catchy, perfectly balanced, and provides a variety of elements. The dynamic section at the end is my favorite. Throughout her performance, Howe conveys the lyrics effortlessly, and gives the music layers of personality. She sings so well.

Regarding the track, Howe comments: ”I wrote Digital Affection as the world was entering lockdown, about my journey back to Australia & leaving behind my life in London. We were spending more time online so were increasingly connected – but all one needs to do to forever disappear from your life is log off. I’m asking them to stay online for me, to not disconnect, to not leave me in the dark.”

Check out Digital Affection below!