Introducing: Amber Kuo – For Once

On the day of the Super Flower Blood Moon in 2021, artist Amber Kuo released her gift, For Once, showing appreciation for the gravity of the moon.  Conceptually, I like it. The poetic lyrics add depth to the music. The sound contains several truly innovative aspects. Amber Kuo’s vocals are in perfect balance with the production.

The moon dims or shines, waxes and wanes. Amber Kuo is more focused on the expression of the full moon, the complete circle.

The circle also stands for harmony. Amber Kuo adopts a Quatrain, a poem form of regulated verse with four lines. Each stanza echoes one and another, forming a loop, and expressing an oriental futuristic romance in between. Eloquently transitioning between Mandarin Chinese and English, behind this logical and formal way of writing is the mood of gazing into each other and never forgetting.

Amber Kuo’s For Once offers something authentic. This will be highly praised by listeners. Check it out below!