Introducing: Luciana Zogbi – Dive

Luciana Zogbi’s music is characterized by heartfelt songwriting, bewitching melodies and borderless arrangements. Her new single, Dive, emphasizes authenticity. I appreciate the high-quality of the production. Throughout, you’ll hear synths, guitars, piano and even middle eastern drums. The sounds in each section are unique. A rich vocal conveys personality. In addition to its innovative vision, this song represents creativity as well.

Lyrics provide thoughtfulness. Dive speaks of deepening connections and diving into relationships. No more pride, fear and not knowing where people stand. Regarding the track, Luciana comments: “I wrote Dive as a call for people to give it their all in their relationships – be it with a romantic partner, a friend or a family member. I often look around and see relationships with so much potential never truly flourish because one of both parties are sitting on the edge. Maybe it’s due to fear, past trauma, pride..etc, whatever it is, it’s preventing people from experiencing any sort of meaningful connection. And with our current cultural environment, where everything is becoming more and more superficial, real depth in relationships is becoming increasingly hard to find. So yeah, DIVE! Because being vulnerable is being brave.”

Check out Dive below!