Introducing: BÉE – Gemini

Dutch singer-songwriter BÉE shares, Gemini. Every line is perfectly sung. Soundscapes on this record are soulful. Music like this offers variation and creativity, catching your attention right away. The chorus, in particular, stands out, because of its unique quality.

Speaking about the new single BÉE said: “I’m a true Gemini. Gemini’s change their minds regularly, are not good at making decisions and, in many ways, aren’t the best at committing themselves.

I know that I can be a bit ambivalent myself when it comes to relationships. I can fall in and out of love just like that. That sentiment is reflected in the lyrics: ‘When I try to make up my mind I never tend to succeed. Always in an inner fight, are you the one that I like? Can I just blame it on the fact that I’m, I’m a Gemini’ So for anyone associated to a Gemini, do you recognise the struggles that I sing about?”

In order to create something authentic, BÉE keeps her own style while blending it with multiple influences. Artistry like that exemplifies real talent. Check out Gemini below!