Introducing: Farida – 365 Days

With 365 Days, Norwegian artist Farida introduces listeners to the mellowest summer anthem of 2021. The guitar melody serves as the driving force for the sound, especially in the verses. Strong vocals take the music to the next level. The chorus, in various ways, stands out, making it a definite highlight.

Regarding the track, Farida comments: ”365 Days is about meeting someone during a summer vacation, drinking, having fun, but at the end realizing it’s not ideal to wake up hung over every morning and the anxiety kicks in too often, so she starts eating healthy and saying good riddance to the summer fling who never wanted to be sober. Its a nostalgic feel to the song reminding us about summertime and the many memories we create, good and bad.”

Fairida blend several music styles in order to create something unique. Check out 365 Days below!