Introducing: Amy Gordon – now i hate u

Amy Gordon is a 24 year old singer-songwriter from Norway. She released a lot of great music in 2020. now i hate u marks her return to the music scene. Excellently crafted tune with an appealing melody and pop aspect. Particularly the chorus stands out for its unique sound.

About the track, Amy comments: ”now I hate u was a very therapeutic song to write and produce because I felt like i needed to tell the person i wrote it about these things and to really get it off my chest. It´s about wanting to forget about even meeting the person and wishing that the relationship you had with them never happened because it affects you so much even after a long time, especially in meeting new people.”

The lyrics in this song demonstrate a masterful level of writing. Amy sings with incredible precision and is able to deliver each line perfectly. Check out now i hate u below!