Introducing: Sofia Monroy – Sweet Temptation

22-year-old Sofia Monroy is ready to share some prismatic pop gems after a year of working in the studio. Sweet Temptation, her new single, emphasizes musical innovation. Due to its unique sound, the song can be described as brilliant. Latino-inspired guitars, euphoric soul choruses, and a more electronic composition can be heard throughout. Sophia sings well, and her lyrics are delivered in a fantastic way.

Sweet Temptation and my upcoming EP is, to me, about female liberation. I struggled a lot earlier with taking control over the music-making process and trust my own opinion. I think it’s easy as a young female to question yourself when other people, especially men, are trying to decide for you. It’s been a challenge and still is sometimes, but I’ve taken the control into my own hands, and because of that, I’m very excited for this release. It’s more me, more eccentric, and it’s been a self-exploring journey that I can’t wait to share with everyone.” – Sofia

Sweet Temptation empowers and gives an idea of what to expect from the EP. Sofia delivers a production of timeless quality here. Check it out below!