Introducing: Marie Dangerfield – Right Now

Marie Dangerfield is a soulful singer-songwriter who brings back nostalgia. Right Now can be seen as the perfect summer tune. It’s energetic, groovy, and catchy. Marie sings well, her voice soars flawlessly over a brilliant production. The chorus invites the listener to sing along.

Right Now is about the euphoric feeling of being swept up in a new lustful relationship. That moment when you’re addicted to that one person and you see yourself with them together forever in magical love. Marie’s grandparents, now in their 80’s, are her iconic role model couple and still act like they are just as madly in love with each other now as when they were in their 20’s. Marie comments, “When you grow up seeing such love – you hope for that for yourself”. Being the hopeless romantic that she is, Marie expresses in this song gratitude for finding romantic love and her grand hopes and dreams for it to grow and last.

Every playlist needs a song like this. Marie creates timeless music. Check out Right Now below!