Introducing: Zaînab – Drug

Zaînab Bengla is a talented Belgian-Moroccan singer and songwriter based in Brussels. Her latest single, Drug, can be defined as modern pop, trap music. A catchy melody opens the tune, followed by a solid beat. Vocals are of exceptional quality, delivering each line effortlessly.

Drug features lyrics that are quite simple, yet easy to relate to on a deeply emotional level. She compares love to a drug, something that’s addictive and you just can’t get enough. At times incredible, at times dangerous, love is truly something that can get us hooked! This song captures the spirit of falling in love to perfection, but it also explores what happens when this love addiction can go too far in one direction, becoming quite toxic.

Zaînab always goes in different directions. Creatively, she doesn’t follow trends, but stays true to herself. Drug has been so well-produced. It exemplifies artistry. Listen below!