Introducing: Ellis Newman – Love To Cry

Ellis Newman is a singer-songwriter from The Netherlands. She releases her first solo single, Love To Cry. Aside from being catchy, it’s also profound. The lyrics talk about the joy of crying. A strong vocal performance, along with energetic instrumentation, contribute to the song’s success.

Ellis says the following about the track: “Growing up, I used to bottle up all my emotions in fear it was weak to show fragility. But over the years I learned that showing emotion is beautiful, and crying can be healing and liberating. Ultimately, allowing yourself to cry is self-love, and I need it once in a while to let go and stay sane. So, I watch a sad movie or put on that one song sometimes. We all cry. That’s what this song is about, the normality and beauty of it, turned into something to dance to.”

Ellis makes music that’s authentic, and above all, creative. Love To Cry marks the beginning of a new musical era for her. Below you can hear the song!