Introducing: Ella Eliza – EGO

Ella Eliza is a German-born songwriter, artist, and producer who now lives in London. She shares her debut EP, INTROSPECTION, containing four excellent songs. I believe you’ll all appreciate the originality of focus track EGO. It leans on genres such as Pop, Contemporary RnB, and Soultronic with its calm guitar and solid beat. Definitely inventive from a production perspective.

Eliza says this regarding the track: ”The confrontational attitude in EGO makes it my most daring track so far. The narrative could be perceived as me urging another person to ‘let go of their ego’, almost as if I am speaking to a love interest or a close friend, however, my creative intention behind this track is that I am talking to myself in the mirror just after I got up in the morning. This track is especially important to me as I feel it is the most reflective song I have ever created and it documents my journey of self development.”

Check out the audio below!