Introducing: Sofia Quinn – It Was Always You

LA-based platinum-selling singer-songwriter, Sofia Quinn unveils her third single, It Was Always You. A creative pop sound appears in this song. The beat includes great elements that will keep you listening. Sofia sings with rich undertones, which become the emphasis of the chorus.

Sofia Quinn says of her new single, It Was Always You: “It’s about trying to let go and move on from a relationship that feels like it’s still haunting you. Even when you don’t want to, you find yourself coming back. Instead of the phrase, ‘it was always you,’ being romanticized the way it usually is, in this context it is actually about the negative impact this person has had on you. The line that sums this song up the best in my head is ‘The worst thing, the bad dreams, it was always you. The downfall, the close call, it was always you.’”

Since It Was Always You is bright in sound, yet profoundly lyrical, I believe it will be a huge success. Check out the audio below!