Introducing: Elle Baez – Better With You

With Better With You, Elle Baez adds another anthem to her stellar discography. Although it shares many similarities with Britney, Xtina, and Dua Lipa, it also has its own separate flair. In this piece, Elle’s energetic vocals are supported by a funk-disco influenced instrumental.

A few words from the singer-songwriter about Better With You: ”This song was written from a femme point of control and power because I knew I was better for the guy than his ex-girlfriend who didn’t treat him right. It was my way of letting him know that I’m the one who has everything he’s been looking for.”

Through its retro-inspired visuals, the clip communicates the lyrics creatively. Ella turns a detention classroom into a full-on disco club. She says: ”For people asking how I came up with this concept, it legit came to me in a dream one night (as a lot of my music video ideas do) and Gabriella Concepcion believed in it enough to help make it come true.”

Check out Better With You below!