Introducing: Gabrielle Macafee – Apocalypse Rodeo

Gabrielle Macafee is a rising singer-songwriter who debuted last Friday with Apocalypse Rodeo. She fuses retro and contemporary influences into a style that really suits her singing. The entire production shows true artistry. Creating music at this level will lead to a successful career.

Macafee explains: ”Apocalypse Rodeo is a shimmery pop song that could absolutely be a breakup song, but was written about the lunacy of the evangelical church I was devoted to throughout my childhood. As a closeted bisexual teen, I felt a lot of shame sitting in church, and in the wake of 2020 I realized how damaging much of the evangelical ideology was. Since distancing myself from religion I am able to look at the institution critically, thus writing sardonic, spaghetti western/Fleetwood Mac inspired songs about the evangelical “doomsday mentality.”

Heartfelt lyrics like these convey emotions so powerfully. In Apocalypse Rodeo, Macafee aims to deliver something exceptional, capturing the listener’s from the get-go. Check it out below!