Introducing: Kima Otung – I’m Cute

Corporate lawyer turned contemporary RnB singer, Kima Otung, is bringing a new soulful sound to the genre. She debuts, I’m Cute, the first single off her forthcoming EP, Note to Self. A catchy instrumental serves as the backbone of this track. Although the chorus has a really high energy and rich sound, there are also quiet sequences throughout, providing a sense of balance.

Otung says the following: ”I want to every woman and girl to sing this song about themselves and to remind them that they are cute as hell, they shouldn’t let anyone make them doubt it! My mission with my music and my debut EP is to be the voice in the ear of every girl and woman telling them that they’ve got this, counteracting the negativity of society that tries to cripple our self-esteem.”

Check out I’m Cute below!