Introducing: Oliver Podmore – All My Life

UK singer-songwriter Oliver Podmore drops his the catchy single, All My Life. Well-balanced vocals, guitar, and strong pop influences make this music appealing to a wide audience. The song is expertly produced and conveys some inventive musical ideas that can be considered innovative.

Oliver has the ability to write lyrics that highlight talent. As for the meaning of the song, he says: ”Life is whom we chose to share it with, this song to me represents the pain we will put our bodies and minds through for another human being, just for that millisecond of hope, because in my fractured skull I always believe it is going to work out….it has to. I think it is strange that some of the most powerful and free moments that we will experience in life will be shared with someone you will never see again. Maybe we will…who knows. I guess that’s what’s so special about life.”

Check out All My Life below!