Introducing: DeLange – Berlin

I’m a huge fan of classical music, and it’s always a joy to hear a new song that captures the essence of the genre. DeLange, a Dutch neo-romantic composer and pianist, paints the most striking soundscapes with only a solo piano. Berlin invites listeners to step into the heart of Germany. It brings calmness, even though you’re around a crowded place. These melodies express artistry at the highest level. The sound is compelling, characteristic, and immersive.

DeLange describes the track as follows: ”Berlin is about the turmoil of everyday life in an urban environment. The chaotic but forward energy of the city as a metaphor of a period in one’s life. Searching for connection in anonymous surroundings. The feeling of being overwhelmed by the intensity of life alternating with a sense of freedom and autonomy.”

Check out Berlin below!